Ayshkum Engineering Inc. offers consulting services to Indigenous Communities and Organizations, Government Agencies, Crown Corporations, Rural Municipalities, and the Private Sector.

Civil Engineering

AEI Civil Engineering Department provides services in the development of community infrastructure projects. During the initial stages of planning; site feasibility studies, topographic surveys, environmental assessments are examples of the services AEI can provide.

Flood mitigation is a living reality within Manitoba and AEI specializes in the various design solutions for shoreline protection as well as grading and ditching scenario analysis.

Infrastructure design and planning for water, sewer and storm management are the core services for site underground development. The above ground services include roadway design services and subdivision planning. Community landfills are another example that AEI assists Indigenous Communities. Wastewater plants or other wastewater systems are critical when planning for immediate growth and future projections.

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AEI Architectural Department provides services to create buildings to meet the needs of our clients. The buildings types include office, recreation, civic and single, multifamily, and elder residential, with services following three phases; Planning, Design and Construction of the project.

Planning services include: Master Planning for community development, Feasibility Studies to define the scope of design requirements and support funding applications, Building Condition Reports to set the scope for building alterations are examples of some of these planning services.

During the Design stage, AEI can provide the full range of architectural services including building and site construction drawings and specifications and tendering, and interior design.

The Construction phase consists of numerous services where AEI acts on behalf of the client to assure the schedule, cost, and the intent of the design intent are achieved. These services include: over site of insurance and worker protection programs, clarification of construction documentation with the general contractor, verification of materials and assemblies submitted by the general contractor, payment evaluations verified with the proportion of construction work completed, evaluation of contractor proposed substitutions or unexpected construction conditions, and close out reviews prior to approval for occupancy.

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Project Management

AEI Project Management Department: Projects require management and administration. It takes a team to create a successful project and a strong leader to manage all the players of that team as it relates to budget and schedule. AEI is that strong leader.

AEI works with the client, the various stake holders at inception to build a team through a series of request for proposals that are solicited from other proponents to complete the required for the project. There are a variety of delivery methods for any project and AEI will assist the client in preparation of those contracts. Once the contracts are signed and in place then AEI as Project Managers will ensure that decisions are made in a timely manner, that all team members are working towards the same goals and the interest of the client is being met.

Capital Budgets require strict control measures to ensure that the funds for the project are spent appropriately. AEI along with verification from the professionals on the team assess progress claims made by the contractor(s), this involves assessment on the performance or work completed and comparison of the value or percentage of work completed.

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Why Choose AEI

Through a series of consultative processes, AEI creates viable design solutions that meet cultural, budgetary and scheduling constraints. AEI understands the unique challenges of Indigenous Communities and technical difficulties of developing in the North and the unique nature of Manitoba flood environment. The achievement of excellence in all aspects of our projects is the focus of AEI, regardless of the project scale. Quality professional service can be actualized at all steps within the project.

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